news undergoing gradual relaunch

If you’re reading this message, then you may have noticed that parts of our site have changed in appearance.

As part of something we’ve been working on for awhile here, we’ve made the move to use WordPress as a CMS for the site. This switch also gave us the opportunity to redesign the basic structures of our site to improve aspects of the old design that had been bugging us (thin content section; technically illegal fonts in logos; code-heavy pages that were difficult to change; etc.). We’re going to go through the moving process over the next month or so, and spider-friendly redirects will transfer viewers here to the new design.

This redesign also gives us an impetus to actually finish the site. Over the next few weeks, we’ll hopefully be completing the Justice League Unlimited section and putting up summaries for 52. We’ll also be incorporating more content relating to the new Question, Renee Montoya, and her upcoming series, “The Crime Bible.”

We’ll also be doing a better job, hopefully, of keeping up with Q?-relevant news. Expect to see an introduction of the new news crew soon.

Thanks for stopping by, and please excuse our virtual mess while we get all of the bugs worked out…!

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