Renee Montoya Week

Jessica Smith as Renee Montoya

In honor of the wide-release of the hardcover The Question: The Five Books of Blood by Greg Rucka and accomplices, we’re presenting a week of (long overdue) content related to the new Question, Renee Montoya. Stay tuned, as we’ll be uploading new content every day!

MONDAY, June 23

TUESDAY, June 24



FRIDAY, June 27

4 Responses to “Renee Montoya Week”

  1. Ja! Es sind Comics! says:

    Wir befinden uns in der Renee Montoya-Woche…

    Über Greg Ruckas Blogeintrag “It’s Renee Montoya Week!” erfuhr ich von der Renee Montoya-Woche auf, die sich die Veröffentlichung der Gesamtausgabe der “Crime Bible” als Anlass für Hintergrundarbeit nahm. RENEE MON…

  2. irgendeine Userin says:

    I’ve tried to make a trackback. But has technical Problems. :-(

    This is awesome!
    Waited for something like this.

    Thank you.

    Greetings from Germany.

  3. irgendeine Userin says:

    Well, I’ve waited not for the technical problem but the article about Renee Montoya.

    Oje, reading English texts is easy, but producing them it’s not. *sigh*

  4. michael murphy says:

    hi, my name is mike murphy. i would like a mask with no face called the blank
    in the movie called dick tracy.

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