Question action figure news roundup.

Back of JLU Giganta packageFirst off, from Action Figure Times, the Giganta SDCC exclusive figure advertises the Question figure as coming this fall as part of Mattel’s Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection.

Secondly, as posted by “Superfriend,” an exchange between the author and DC President Paul Levitz on the potential for a Question figure, with Levitz briefly addressing the financial factors that prevented a Question figure until now:

There are different contractual and business concerns relative to each of those characters, and it’s certainly possible that at some point Mattel will want to do them and we will let them. Unfortunately, the relative demand for a single action figure isn’t a major economic factor (no one figure in a line like JLU other than the key characters of Superman and Batman is able to sell enough to generate enough royalties to resolve almost any imaginable business obstacle), but we do try to clear enough of the great characters to keep our collectors excited and interested in the line.

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