montoya's journal

Journal and artifact photos

Cover of the black journal

The cover of the black journal.

Cover of the brown journal

The cover of the brown journal (apologies for the blur).

Darkseid's Bitch poster

Flyer for Darkseid’s Bitch concert — pristine, uncreased version accompanying black journal. Brown journal’s flyer was folded inside.

Page from Crime Bible

A yellowed page from the Crime Bible, with Montoya’s notes on some sort of code.

Photo of

A photo of the Daughters’ “convent” in Barcelona, Spain.

Surveillance photo of the Question

A surveillance photo of the Question, from the “convent” maybe?

Lyric sheet

A lyrics sheet for the Darkseid’s Bitch song, “Ashes All Fall Down.” Notes by both “Serration” and Montoya.

Darkseid's Bitch set list

Darkseid’s Bitch setlist. Again, notes by both “Serration” and Montoya.

Ticket for Darkseid's Bitch show

Ticket to Darkseid’s Bitch show at Dirrrty Club in Coast City. $14.00.

Coroner's Report

Coroner’s report for Walter “Serration” Mintassa.

Toe tag

Toe tag from Walter “Serration” Mintassa, open investigation version.

Pills and bullets

Bullets and pills. But which one killed Serration?

Boarding pass from Ridge-Ferrick airlines for Renee M. Montoya — departing from Leipzig-Halle for El-Prat.

Gotham Gazette front page

“14 Killed in Barcelona Hotel Blaze” — The cover of the Gotham Gazette!

Telegram from Tot

Telegram from Tot, still in Nanda Parbat.

IM conversation

IM conversation (via LexChat, no less) between Tot and Montoya as Renee tries to track down the multiple editions of the Crime Bible.

4 Responses to “Journal and artifact photos”

  1. semanticdrifter says:

    This is the coolest thing I have ever seen, and very Rorschach-ian.

  2. The Question | Vic Sage | Renee Montoya » montoya's journal » About this section says:

    […] Photos of journal + artifacts […]

  3. The Mighty Drew says:

    This little piece of marketing genious is insanely cool. My feelings on the “Crime Bible” series, and the new Question, have been mostly lukewarm. Now, I am very, very excited to see what’s to come.

  4. SantiO says:

    Funnily enough, she makes fun of “Serration’s” name: Walter.
    What was Rorschach’s real name again?
    Also, the whole numbers code…
    Maybe each number is a letter? Notice how they don’t go any further than 22. Or maybe the numbers belong to the pages of certain issues? Montoya splits the codes in two groups of two codes each. Maybe each group belongs to one issue?
    But the numbers repeat themselves… Hurm…

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