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Becoming Darkseid’s Bitch

SerrationBy Eric Newsom, proprietor of this here website.

Part of the Montoya’s Journal experience involved a band called Darkseid’s Bitch whose leader, Walter “Serration” Mintassa, turned up mysteriously dead in the middle of a tour. When I visited Greg Rucka last October, one of the things we discussed was the possibility of making Darkseid’s Bitch an actual band, or at least producing actual music.

Having played in punk bands since high school, I volunteered to put some guitar chords together to lyrics that Rucka and his co-conspirator Eric Trautmann had already put together. The result was the song, “Ashes” that found its way to a Darkseid’s Bitch MySpace page. The inspiration for the music and the iconography of the band came from every teen-age goth-punk’s favorite stand-by: The Misfits. Guitar and bass were played by me, drums were created by Fruity Loops, and lyrics were screamed into a microphone in my bathroom, while hoping that my wall-sharing neighbor, an elderly AME Zion lady minister, wouldn’t be able to discern what I was singing about. The introductory line came from The Day the Earth Stood Still. The song progressed in stages, as heard below:

In addition to the song, I also worked up some images, including a picture of myself as Serration. My wife applied various kinds of black make-up to my eyelids while I freaked out about having my eyes poked. The result was not quite Glenn Danzig, even with a half-assed attempt at a devillock. It wasn’t even really Matt Skiba.

Thanks go to Greg and Eric for letting me participate in the fun!

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