Final Crisis: Revelation lightning round with Greg Rucka

Art by Philip TanWriter Greg Rucka. Five questions. Ten minutes. Final Crisis: Revelation lighting round — GO!

EN: How long after Crime Bible does Final Crisis: Revelation take place, and where is Renee at this point?

GR: It’s about five, six months after the end of Crime Bible. Question has separated herself from the Order; she’s learned some things, some of them that worry her a great deal. She’s trying to stop the Order from doing something Very Very Bad. The Order hates her and is hunting her down.

EN: Can you tell us anything about the circumstances under which Cris and Renee meet again?

GR: Sure. Except it’s not Cris meeting Renee. It’s Spectre meeting Question. In fact, Question is trying to stop the Very Very Bad Thing when Spectre shows up. He shows up to judge and kill her. Because she’s the leader of the Order of the Stone. And the Order of the Stone has been doing some very, very, very bad things.

EN: Wow.

GR: Yeah. It’s not a hugs and kisses reunion.

EN: Are there any other familiar faces we’ll be seeing in the mini-series?

GR: One very, very old one. Batwoman appears. Some of the Gotham Central folks, actually. A few others who I am loathe to mention at this point. And we meet someone new, who, uh…well, who may be very old, as well, actually.

Vague enough for you?

EN: How does this mini-series fit in with the story Grant Morrison is telling in Final Crisis?

GR: It’s tangential. You don’t need to read FCR to get FC, or vice versa, per se. It’s a support story — both Question and Spectre play parts in FC; FCR goes some way to explaining how they get where they are for the story, and what they’re doing. But neither story is contingent upon the other, which, frankly, is nice. You can read either and not suffer for having skipped the other.

EN: What would you say to entice folks to pick up the book?

1) The Spectre hands out wicked vengeance.
2) Philip Tan is AMAZING.
3) Did I mention Philip Tan?
4) I’m having as much fun writing this as I’ve had writing anything for DC. Ever.
5) God is a character.

EN: Sounds like a pretty good argument.

GR: Yeah, you don’t want to not pick up the book God’s in.

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