Nick “Holiday” Hartz breaks the Crime Bible code

Nick Hartz, aka Holiday on the ComicBloc Forums, is the only person I’ve seen who completely cracked the code found on the opening page of each issue of the Crime Bible, revealing the lost book. He was kind enough to let us in on his experience in meticulous translation:

Well, when looking at how my involvement with the translations began, it began really with the release of Renee’s journal which included bits of information about Renee and her search for the remaining copies of the Crime Bible. One of the pieces that was released online was the copy of a page from Book One translated by Professor Malcolm Fitzgerald. On the page, Renee had written about a code and the means to help translate it. I then actually happened to visit the Comic Bloc forums and saw a discussion about the translation. With a little help from some people at the forums, we translated the first page. At the time, I really did not have any idea what we were translating, but I thought that it might be another part of the Crime Bible.

The translation process basically consisted of a series of four numbers and then organized with many other groups of these series that were then placed around the outer edge of the individual page taken from the Crime Bible. The first number was the individual book. The second number was the Chapter it could be found in. The third number was then the verse that the word was found. The fourth and final number was specific location of the word in the verse. For example, 1:8:24:2 would be the word – ye.

As the months went by and I found more and more of the words, the translations took on an even bigger importance to me since I knew that it had something to do with what was going on in the series and I also found that we were actually translating a chapter of the Book of Lilith. I was actually helped by Greg Rucka when he released the final page a few months earlier on Newsarama. In the end, I realized that I was translating the actual fate of Renee in the series.

The actual translation discussed the fall of the High Madame to finally the birth of the Faceless as the leader of the Order of the Stone. It discussed Flay’s journey to find Renee and make her into the new High Madame for the Order of the Stone, and in my personal opinion, it also discussed a little bit about the fall of the New Gods. Since the Crime Bible has some connection with Darkseid and Apokolips, it made sense to me that it would also discuss a revelation of the fate of the Gods.

In the end, the translations added an interesting aspect to the series since it would basically give away what was going to happen at the end of the series. I wanted to know how Renee was going to be put into this position of being the new High Madame of the Order of the Stone. It was a great experience that I will appreciate for a very long time. I just hope that more people can appreciate how great of a job Greg Rucka, Eric Trautmann, and Steve Lieber really did with this series and the amount of work that actually went into creating this captivating idea.

Nick has also provided us with his translation of the lost Book of Blood:

From the words of Lilith (6:6-13) – These are the words of Lilith who divined that which was that which would be who made seen all things hidden and who did counsel the First all bow before him and was equal in all things to him and who laid waste the lands of the Righteous:

Verse 6: Behold the vile person will speak villainy and his heart will work iniquity to practice the four to make empty the soul of the hungry and cause the drink of the thirsty to fail and for this shall he be most praised.

Verse 7: In devotion shall come one with fists like unto stone who strips flesh from bone and who leadeth them of his kind that also serve the First bow before him and following in all things the high madame of his teachings.

Verse 8: Tremble for there shall come a time when the Faithless will out the prophet from the city of the foolish and wise and then shall the high madame be lost to us and the followers of the First bow before him will lack for guidance and be as lost as he in his wanderings.

Verse 9: Then shall he who strips flesh from bone go forth from the abandoned shore to seek another to prepare the way for that darkness to come and so shall pass on the knowing of the Four to the Faithless and her countenance will be as a scoured bone devoid of feature and empty and in it all questions will be writ.

Verse 10: And the Faithless will come to know each Lesson in turn and thus come to know the ways and words of Cain bow before him and be thus changed by them and the devoted of the kind will look upon her and see her for a sign of the darkness ascending for she will turn the Fourth Lesson upon he who strips flesh from bone and lay him low.

Verse 11: And then shall her vision become clear and she who was Faithless will come to know her slavery and see now her freedom and the devoted of the abandoned shore shall fall on knee before her and gaze her countenance themselves and see their most-praise villainy;

Verse 12: Then shall they call out to her and call her face-less and offer he of the First bow before him at her command, and thus shall she take a new faith, in service of Cain and bow before him.

Verse 13: So shall the face-less lead them and fear up the devoted and herald the coming of the last high madame upon the world, and the gods once new, now old will see the sign and know the time of their reckoning is come.

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