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The following essays and interviews cover the full history of the Question, from his creation for Charlton Comics by Steve Ditko, who gives his thoughts here in a rare 1968 interview with fanzine Marvel Main, through the sometimes controversial retooling at DC (covered in depth by Amazing Heroes writer Steve Webb), to the present wearer of the mask, Renee Montoya, whose history is chronicled in a series of e-mails with Greg Rucka.

A pair of the e-mail interviews -- with Denny O'Neil and Bob Layton -- were conducted before I had any formal journalism training, and when I was still amazed by the existence of e-mail. One of my rookie blunders includes not dating the interviews, though I know that they both were written about the same time -- between the time that the L.A.W. series was announced and I'm guessing some time in 1998.


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» Amazing Heroes #108

By Denys Cowan

»Amazing Heroes #163

By Denys Cowan

»Reading List

By Denys Cowan

»Charlton Spotlight #5

By Nick Cuti

He looks for the answers. If he happens to find trouble, he's not going to shy away from it. It doesn't clash to me, only because I think that the two work in harmony in a way. Violence only accentuates the Zen philosophy and vice-versa.
--Denys Cowan