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Blue Beetle v.2 #7

Blue Beetle v.2 #7“Gang War” – Dec. 1986

Script: Len Wein
Pencils: Paris Cullins
Inks: Del Barras
Lettering: John Costanza
Colors: Gene D’Angelo
Editor: Karen Berger
Cover: Paris Cullins
Published by DC Comics

The Question and the Blue Beetle are restrained, at the mercy of the Muse. When the Muse calls on a verdict from his followers, they call for the death of the heroes. Beetle has only a second to act, and he uses it well, calling the Bug to come crashing in through the theatre wall.

As the gang members go scrambling, Question and Beetle get free, and Beetle uses the Bug to zap the Muse. The gangs split as a smoke bomb flies into the room, and the new dynamic duo find themselves staring down the gun of Lt. Max Fisher — but not for long. Beetle fires the strobe gun and the heroes vamoose.

Back in the Bug, Beetle has a plan. He has mini-Bugs, called Beagles, that act as spies on gangs across the city until they get a lead. In the meantime, he proposes he and the Question sing camp songs in the meantime.

Vincent Perignon finds himself awakened at the point of a gun, as the Muse stands over his bed. But the old mob boss turns the tables, or rather, the blankets on the Muse and a pair of hitmen scare the costumed crook away. Richie comes in and gets briefed on the situation, and thinks to himself that things have gone too far.

The gangs meet a second time on the diamond at Wrigley Field, not called by the Muse, but rather one of their own. The Muse’s idea sounds good, but why be led by a guy in a clown costume? As they talk, one of the Beetle’s Beagles listens in.

As Question and Beetle wait for the Muse to show at Wrigley, a line of black limousines surrounds the stadium and swarm the diamond. It’s an ambush by Vince Perignon and his men. Soon, there’s an out-and-out brawl and our heroes jump into the fray as well.

The fight gets interrupted by a smoke bomb from the Muse, standing atop a nearby car. He tries to stop the fight completely, but winds up diving in front of a bullet to save Perignon. The elder Perignon finds that it’s his son under the mask, as Richie slowly fades away while reciting a scene from Romeo and Juliet.

The gangs fall silent as he dies, but soon, there’s a slow soft clap from a pair of blue gloved hands that turns into an all out applause. The spotlight fades.


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