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Blue Beetle v.2 #6

Blue Beetle v.2 #6“Face Off” – Nov. 1986

Script: Len Wein
Pencils: Paris Cullins
Inks: Bruce Patterson
Lettering: John Costanza
Colors: Gene D’Angelo
Editor: Karen Berger
Cover: Paris Cullins
Published by DC Comics

The Blue Beetle and the Question fly above Chicago in the Bug, exchanging information about the youth gangs case. They have little evidence aside from a note found in the junkyard with theatrical markings. Beetle runs a computer file on all theatre-related locations in Chicago and splits the list with the Question.

When they reach the Question’s destination, he ignores the Beetle’s advice and jumps through a hole in the floor, bouncing off buildings and fire escapes to land safely on the ground: “Lord the things one does to preserve one’s image!”

Richie interupts his father’s reading of Tom Robbins to tell him what he’s found out: the local gangs have a guardian angel. Vincent laments that his son doesn’t want to take over the family mob business and instead wants to be a “fairy actor.”

Meanwhile, things are happening around the city: Blue Beetle takes the Bug home and takes a stroll around Kord Omniversal, Max Fisher goes to the gym to get some answers, archaeologist Conrad Carpax seeks the secret of Pago Island, and Vic Sage fights with his boss. But suddenly, Sage has the answer!

Kord takes a break from running his business to check the results of the computer scan he ran on his half of the list. He too figures out the answer! Soon, Vic, Ted, and all of the gangs in the city are heading to Chicago’s historic Globe Theatre!

Onstage at the Globe stands the Muse, convincing the local gangs that they should work together to run Chicago. Blue Beetle watches from the rafters until they disintegrate underneath him! Falling into the midst of the gang, he stands a chance of being beaten — until the Question arrives!

But just as soon as the tides are turning, a spray of machine gun fire ricochets around the fighters. The Muse wants the floor!


Trivia / Minutiae

Len Wein and Paris Cullins make a cameo appearance at the bottom of page 6.

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