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Blue Beetle v.2 #5

Blue Beetle v.2 #5“Ask the Right Question” – Oct. 1986

Script: Len Wein
Pencils: Paris Cullins
Inks: Bruce Patterson
Lettering: John Costanza
Colors: Gene D’Angelo
Editor: Karen Berger
Cover: Paris Cullins
Published by DC Comics

The Question’s working to put together the pieces of the Blue Beetle puzzle when WWB-TV station manager Lou Crocker tells him that his first priority should be the local youth gang piece that’s currently on deadline. He reluctantly shifts gears to figure out the mystery of the local youth gang alliance.

A place to start might be the group of hot-rodding young thugs speeding away from the scene of a robbery. Though the cops give chase, the hoodlums have faith that “M” will save them — and he does, in the form of a laughing gas rocket. When the Blue Beetle catches their trail, “M” strikes again, sending the side of an exploding building cascading down on the Bug.

Vincent Perignon laments the most recent robbery — one of his own stores that hid a numbers operation. He calls his son Richie in to figure out who these gangs are working for.

Vic Sage makes an afternoon meeting with the informant called Rodent, who tells Sage about a midnight meeting between the gangs. Meanwhile, Chicago police Lt. Max Fisher replays the scene Vic Sage underwent earlier — being told by a boss to lay off the Blue Beetle in favor of tracking down leads on the youth gangs. Melody stops by to see Ted Kord, who’s busy thinking about his father figures — his real father Thomas Kord, who never writes, and his mentor the late Dan Garrett, whose mantle he’s replaced as Blue Beetle.

The Blue Beetle and the Question both set about interrogating gang members, though the Question gets over his head fighting a gang in a local junkyard. Just as he’s being beaten, however, the cavalry in blue arrives. The two heroes make quick work of the gang and decide to team up. “M,” better known as the Muse, overhears from a rooftop nearby and doesn’t like the sound of that!


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