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Charlton Bullseye v.1 #5

Cover of Charlton Bullseye #5 by Alex Toth“The Question Strikes!” – June 1976

Created By: Steve Ditko
Plot Idea: Roger Stern
Written By: Michael Uslan
Art: Alex Toth
Pin-Up: Carl Potts
Editor: Bob Layton
Published by CPL/Gang Publications

Our story begins: “Vic Sage, crimebusting trouble-shooting ace newscaster for Worldwide Broadcasting who, with the aid of Professor Rodor’s metamorphic chemicals and his ‘faceless’ mask, becomes the nightstalking scourge of the underworld…The Question!Eight weeks after the events in Blue Beetle #2, the Banshee returns to resume his flying crime spree. Syd tries to get Sage fired again, with a forged confession of association with criminals. Nora Lace finds herself held hostage on the W.W.B nightly newscast. And the Question pulls no punches as he takes on the Banshee’s hoods, then the Banshee himself!

And that’s all I’m going to give you! Because who wants to read a synopsis of the story when they can just as easily go check it out in full (with annotations in Toth’s own handwriting!) at the wonderful Toth Fans website.

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