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DC Comics EncyclopediaThe DC Encyclopedia was published in 2004 and remains an invaluable resource on the backgrounds of the characters of the DC Universe. Together with the forthcoming Who’s Who Showcase Edition, the coffeetable reference guide, the DC Comics Encyclopedia fills in the gaps for all of those obscure characters that constantly pop up in DC Comics.

That’s not to say that the book is without its errors, however. Besides the infamous entry that declares that Dr. Light was Sue Dibny’s murderer, the entry for the Question runs a caption under a panel featuring Vic and Helena Bertinelli about the relationship between Vic and Myra Fermin.


First Appearance BLUE BEETLE (3rd series) #1 (June 1967)
Status Hero
Real Name Charles Victor Szasz
Occupation Television journalist (as Vic Sage)
Base Hub City
Height 6ft 2in
Weight 185 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Reddish blond
Special Powers/Abilities Trained by Richard Dragon, Vic is a formidable fighter and martial artist.

Victor Szasz was an angry orphan who could not understand why people did the things they did. As Vic Sage, television reporter for K.B.E.L., he took on political corruption in Hub City. Those hypocrites he couldn’t expose on television he went after as the Question, his features masked by a compound called Pseudoderm devised by his friend Tot (Dr. Aristotle Rodor). Sage was also aided by Mayor Myra Connelly, (widow of the former Mayor) and Izzy O’Toole, perhaps the only honest cop on the force.

After many adventures, Sage became disillusioned with his crusading role and, entrusted with Myra’s daughter Jackie, journey to the Amazon rain forest to find himself.

He returned to Hub City a changed man after Lady Shiva saved his life and Richard Dragon (see Dragon, Richard) instructed him in martial arts. Later, when the Huntress was accused of murder, the Question befriended her and introduced her to Dragon, who helped the heroine learn how to channel her anger.

Entry written by Robert Greenberger.

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