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The start, aka “1.0”

The Geocities Site

The site started in the summer of 1998, shortly after I’d been to HeroesCon in Charlotte and bought the entire O’Neil / Cowan run for about three cents an issue. I was immediately taken with the series, and remembered that I’d encountered the character before in my dad’s old issues of Blue Beetle (at one point, circa age 12, writing a song about Vic Sage).

I’d worked on a website before, in the 8th grade creating a Geocities tribute to Seattle grunge rock. But unlike my previous efforts, this one interested me because people were actually interested in what I was doing. One of those folks was a guy named Mikel Midnight, who seemed to be interested in any site that delved into the minute details of superhero history. He was extremely helpful in giving me tips and leads on what should go on the site. I hope he still drops by the new digs every once in awhile.

Another person who read the site was writer/artist Bob Layton, who told me that he’d looked over the site in preparing for his L.A.W. mini-series. He gave me an interview in those early days that got me excited about the potential for my humble Question site.

For those of you wondering who drew that awesome Question that’s in the middle of the menu up top, it was Warren Newsom, aka my Dad. I colored it in the days before I knew anything about palettes or layers or anything like that.

So that’s how things got started, almost a decade ago….

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