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The first really successful one, aka “4.0”

4.0 Screenshot

This was my first major success at building a Question-loving community on the ‘net, and as much as I’d like to attribute it to my awesome, standards-friendly design, I think it’s actually because I added a forum for folks to hang out in.  Below is the mockup of the site I made in Paint Shop, and I’m pretty happy with how well my idea was translated onto the actual page.

Rough draft of 4.0

2 Responses to “The first really successful one, aka “4.0””

  1. ? says:

    Oh the good old days…

  2. michael murphy says:

    hi. i was wondering if i can be the man with no face in black coat & hat & gloves
    you know who i can be? ”the blank” from dick tracy

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