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Multi-faced version

Multi-faced version, main page

Something appealed to me about the idea from the previous version of making a site that had different layouts. So I decided to try to make a site that would have a different layout for each incarnation of the Question. Above is the main menu, the content of which I never wrote.

Multi-faced version, Ditko page

This was the Steve Ditko page, where I began my fascination with narrow layouts, and also drew a picture of the artist (few photographs exist). All of the issues, Charlton info, and Ditko bio were on the same page, which made loading times take forever.

Multi-faced version, O'Neil/Cowan page

This was the O’Neil / Cowan page. The uniting element of the site was supposed to be the typeface of the logos/titles — Badhouse, by House Industries.

Multi-faced version, issue page

Despite my refusal to break up the Ditko page, I couldn’t foresee putting all of the O’Neil issues on the same page, so I stole someone else’s layout for the issue pages. Sorry, whomever you are!

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