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Eric Newsom

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"Mr. A" | News Contributor, Forum Moderator

James Elkins | News Contributor

Timmy Geiger | News Contributor, Forum Moderator

Jim Hartung | News Contributor, Question Sanity Author

Nicolle C. Jones | Art Consultation

Gabriel Rojo | News Contributor, Español Forum Moderator

Amedeo Turturro | News Contributor, Forum Moderator, Research Assistant

Josh Walbey | News Contributor

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Steve Ditko

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Site history

Calling the previous design of this site VicSage.com 4.0 was a bit of a double misnomer. For one, two of the previous versions I was counting weren't even hosted at such a domain -- they were stored on free sites plagued by pop-up advertising and server outages. Second, 3.0 only had a few pages, and a few visitors.

Below are some of the previous designs and design concepts for this site. I have this here mostly because I wanted to take a look at my growth as a web designer (though I'm still very much a rookie), and as a warning that things might change again in the future when I get antsy....

Geocities Thumb Brinkster Thumb Rounded Corners Thumb First CSS Thumb Multi Faces Thumb Reporter Thumb 3.0 Thumb 4.0 Thumb Montoya Thumb Almost Thumb

Special thanks to

Steve Ditko's Question

...Steve Ditko for creating the Question in the first place, for sticking by his guns and setting an example of ethics through his art and his character that can serve as inspiration for us all.

...Dick Giordano for taking chances on the comics he edited.

...My Dad for letting me read his comics when I was a kid, especially those old issues of Blue Beetle.

...Denny O'Neil and Denys Cowan for the series that helped me realize that comics were capable of more than what I'd previously thought.

...Mikel Midnight for encouraging the creation of a site both "witty and erudite."

...Bob Layton for always being extremely nice and patient with a kid who was starting a fansite.

...Tommy Lee Edwards for recognizing me year after year and always offering to help out.

...Jeremy Rose for helping out with annoyingly specific coding questions.

...C. Carter for being my only rival in Question expertise.

...Greg Rucka for giving up a bunch of time that he could have spent writing comics to talk to and support us.

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