RIP Steve Ditko, 1927-2018

Who is the Question?

An Objectivist reporter / vigilante. A zen humanist protector of a decaying city. An urban shaman tapping into the spiritual frequencies of the city. A conspiracy theorist on a team of almost-gods. A lesbian Latina former police detective.

For a character mostly recognizable by a lack of, the Question sure has had a number of different faces. But much of the appeal of the character exists in all interpretations -- he's a regular guy, driven by person convictions, to eliminate the negative things from his world. In many ways, the Question was invented, and through most of his incarnations is intended, to be a role-model for the reader.

The goal of this site is to chronicle completely the history of the character through a multi-faceted career, and to foster discussion through our forum, our comments sections, and through our upcoming "book club." Please take a look around -- some suggested featured articles can be found in the scroller above, and in the listing below.

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In the 40 years since his first appearance, the Question has been presented in different incarnations by multiple publishers, and we have details on each appearance. Start with his first appearance in Blue Beetle v.1 #1 and work your way to the present!

Ditko Interview


Question (and Spider-Man) creator Steve Ditko remains a mystery to many because of his decision to let his work speak for itself, denying any media inquiries. But thanks to Charlton-L mailing list, you can read a rare 1968 Ditko interview from Marvel Main fanzine!

Sketch Gallery


How can a character with no face appear differently in so many pieces of art? Find the answer by taking a look at our round-up of convention sketches and commissions -- over 50 pieces of art and growing!

Custom Action Figures


Tired of waiting for the rights to a JLU Question action figure to clear up? Take matters into your own hands, using John Bodin's tutorial and a Jurassic Park Alan Grant figure to make your own Unlimited-style Question!

Fan Film

Fan Film

The films of Chris .R. Notarile have thrilled comic book fans across the internet with his looks at Blue Beetle, Power Girl, Catwoman and others. Now he's turned his sights on the Question in a action-filled trilogy of movie shorts!

Costume Tutorial


Costumed attendees are a mainstay at modern comic book conventions, but how is it possible to erase your own face for that perfect Question costume? Gotham Public Works member Morgan Wessler has the answer!

Drawing Lesson


The Bruce Timm model for DC superheroes has become a favorite since the days of Batman: the Animated Series, and the Justice League version of the Question took fandom by storm. Now you, too, can learn to draw the Question, Bruce Timm-style!