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Faceless men, action figures, games and more

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Action Figures

DC Direct Question action figure

DC Direct Figure - In July 2002, DC's in-house product line DC Direct released an action figure of the Question, alongside Quality Comics transfers Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady and fellow former Charlton hero the Blue Beetle. Standing 6 and 1/8 inches tall, this version of the Question is the only official action figure.

Custom Figure Tutorial - John Bodin's version of the Question started life as a Jurassic Park Alan Grant action figure. Watch as he transforms Sam Neill into Vic Sage, annotating the steps along the way so that you too can play at home!

Custom Figure Gallery - Culled from various custom action figure websites around the Internet, in versions ranging from Mego to animated, to DC Direct to Mini-Mate! Check them out, and please let us know if you have a figure to add!

Foreign Editions

The Clasicos DC logo

Clasicos - A company called Planeta D'Agostini has been releasing editions of the O'Neil/Cowan run in Spanish for their Clasicos DC line of books. Check out their covers here.

Reference Materials

DC Comics Encyclopedia cover by Alex Ross

The DC Comics Encylopedia - Published in 2004, this hardbound coffee table volume was supposed to be the new go-to reference guide to the DC Universe. Though there are some glaring errors, it remains a useful and information-filled resource that includes an entry on the Question.

Jeff Rovin's Encyclopedia of Superheroes - Published in 1985, this extremely useful reference guide misses out on the Question coming to DC Comics, but covers his Ditko days at Charlton Comics.

Faceless Comic Characters

Yankee Doodle by Mike Sekowsky

Mr. A - Before Steve Ditko created the code-friendlier Question for Charlton, he'd been formulating a similar character, a reporter with a false face who would espouse Ditko's black and white philosophies while fighting crime and philosophizing -- Rex Graine, aka Mr. A.

Rorschach - When denied the use of the Charlton Action Heroes for their Watchmen maxi-series in 1985, writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons took a little of the Question, a little of Mr. A, with just a dash of parody and created one of the most memorable comic book characters of all time -- Walter Kovacs, aka Rorschach.

Yankee Doodle - His origins began when editor Lawrence Nadle solicited an espionage character to tie in with the James Bond craze, though he wouldn't see the light of day until Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol in 1992, where we find out he stole pseudo-derm material from Professor Aristotle Rodor -- John Dandy, aka Yankee Doodle.

The Blank (Dick Tracy) - Dick Tracy fought this hoodlum with a gimmick in 1937, a former slot machine gang leader who extracts revenge on all of his old gang after escaping from prison. Later, he was turned into Madonna for the film Dick Tracy -- Facless Frank Redrum, aka The Blank.

Dr. No-Face (coming soon) - While trying to get rid of a tell-tale scar on his forehead, this villain accidentally erased his face! Pretending to be the doctor who invented the machine that robbed him of his features, he perplexed Batman and Robin with a string of vandalism in 1963 -- Bart Magan, aka Dr. No-Face.

Charles Maire (coming soon) - His facial features burned off by the cruel Duc D'orterre, he and his sister turn to Batman for help in revenge and recovering his face -- Charles Maire.

The Blank (Project Superior) (coming soon) - Created by John Cassaday as a mixture of the Question and the Spirit for mega-compilation Project Superior, he's either a two-fisted tough guy or wants to be one -- The Blank!

Costumes and Cosplay

Morgan Wessler's Question Costume

Morgan Wessler's Q? Costume - This Gotham City Public Works member provided us a set of pictures along with a helpful semi-tutorial on how to make your own Question costume.

Flash1087's Q? Costume - Worn on Halloween, 2006, this costume by forum member Flash1087 looks pretty swell.

Skeeter's Q? Costume - This costume's a little Vic Sage, a little Randy McDainger. Check out that white fedora!

Matt Brown's Q? Costume - This version was created by a Ph.D philosophy candidate using several layers of nylon.

Hannibal's Q? Costume - Looking dapper in a fedora and trenchcoat, Hannibal experiments with using pantyhose for a mask.

Chris .R. Notarile Fan Films

The Poster for Chris Notarile's Question Fan Film

The Question pt. I - The Question reviews his files on Ted Kord, aka the Blue Beetle, and decides there might be more than meets the eye when it comes to the death of his former comrade.

The Question pt. II - The Question stages a daring daylight raid on the Checkmate building. Objective: Rescue the Blue Beetle!

The Question pt. III - Beetle and the Question exchange information and decide to take down their new common enemy -- Checkmate. But they won't be going it alone!

Blood and Black Lace

The villain from Mario Bava's Blood and Black Lace

Blood and Black Lace - Perhaps the closest thing we'll ever see to the Question on the big screen is watching Mario Bava's 1965 horror thriller Blood and Black Lace with the TV muted, ignoring the fact that the Question seems to be killing a bunch of models.

Bava, riding high off the success of Black Sabbath, decided to tackle a murder mystery/whodunnit from the angle that he didn't care whodunnit. Instead, Bava turned his attention to the scantily clad young women that his killer would be massacring, contemporizing the ideas that Hitchcock used in Psycho, setting the standard for slasher flicks for many years to come, and influencing modern directors like Scorsese and Tarantino.

Screengrabs and plot synopsis await you.

Q?-related Video Game Stuff

A Photoshopped Question in Bad Dudes

The Question hasn't appeared in any video games yet, but that doesn't stop us from wishing he would. Below are various Q?-related video game items:

Ponder a proposal from Tim Allen, aka our forum's own Flash1087, for a complex Question game on multiple platforms. Tim summarizes the story of Vic Sage going against industrialist villain Lazarus, gives us the highlights of gameplay, including revolutionary "Walk in Two Worlds" mode, and lets slip what unlockable items a player might turn up.

Download a Question skin (coming soon) for the Jack Kirby-inspired computer game Freedom Force, currently the only way a player can actually play as The Question in a video game of any kind.

Consider what the Q? would look like in City of Heroes, if things like "copyright infringment" and "lawsuits" didn't get in the way. Not too shabby.

By the by, if anyone has any experience in modding video games, especially wicked old NES or arcade games, and would like to let us host a mod featuring the Question, we'd be extremely glad to. All I know how to mod is MVP Baseball.

The Question Guitar

The Question shellacked onto a Les Paul knock-off

When I first got into the Question, I was a teen-ager also finding interest in another hobby -- playing guitar. As it worked out, I got a bunch of duplicate copies of O'Neil's Question run for a dime apiece, and a beat-up pink Les Paul lookalike at an auction for $5. Of course I couldn't play a pink guitar! But what to do? Cover it in comic books! [PICTURES COMING SOON]