...The Question!
The Question from Justice League Unlimited

Fearful Symmetry

Originally broadcast Sept. 4, 2004

The Question From JLU episode Fearful Symmetry
The Question From JLU episode Fearful Symmetry

Supergirl chases a terrorfied scientist through the streets of Metropolis and is ambushed by a trio of masked assailants. She manages to avoid their attacks and tracks the scientist to STAR Labs. She menacingly tells him that he can "scream now, if you want." Supergirl then turns the full power of her heat vision against the defenceless man. His screams are replaced by her own, as the horror of the violence jolts Supergirl awake. The Martian Manhunter's telepathic probes are unable to determine if her nightmare was a suppressed memory or just a dream. She turns to Green Arrow for help, but their conversation is interrupted by the Question. He believes that her experiences are repressed memories from the time she was comatose at Star Labs ( Superman TAS Legacy). He then explains that he believes that this is part of a single conspiracy - a powerful cabal of men who have controlled the world since the time of Ancient Egypt.

GA and Supergirl are sceptical of the Question's assessment, but there is little they can do to stop him joining them when they visit Professor Hamilton at STAR Labs. Hamilton tries to put Supergirl and easy and assures her that she wasn't running around on missions while she was meant to be in a coma. As the heroes leave they are ambushed by commandos with black helicopters and a powerful robot. After a short battle GA identifies the robot as a Z-8 trainer, the same sort of training robot the League buys in bulk from the US military. The Question then reveals that the person responsible for commissioning the Z-8 project, was General Hardcastle - the same General that put Supergirl in the hospital in the first place.

They track the General down to a remote cabin and convince him to talk. He retired in disgrace after his failure to stop the rogue Superman, but he knows too much and is only waiting until somebody comes to silence him. He explains that there has been a long standing alliance between the military and big business to study and exploit "metahumans, mutants and aliens" for reasons of national security and profit. Volcana was one of their projects (Superman TAS Where there's Smoke) and so was the Joker's Royal Flush Gang ("Wildcards"). However, Hardcastle has been out of the loop too long to known anything specific about Supergirl's dreams. After the heroes leave he is visited by a girl called Tea who looks just like Supergirl. Moments later Supergirl wakes up from another dream convinced that Hardcastle has "gone."

The Martian Manhunter reports that the scientist from her first dream has been identified as missing. He worked for a biotech company called Nuvo-Gen. Only one news company had the story, the Eagle Network, and Question is determined to find out why. He "interviews" their reporter who confesses that he'd been seeing a girl who gave him the tip off, a girl that's been having trouble sleeping and who looks just like Supergirl. Meanwhile Supergirl and Green Arrow infultrate Nuvo-Gen discover the truth on their own. Nuvo-Gen cloned Supergirl and then accelerated the maturation of the clone to early adulthood making the clone faster and stronger than the teenage Supergirl.

Tea, the clone, has been the conspiracy's secret weapon, but her psychic rappour with her twin sister (the dreams) is a security hole that Tea must be eliminated. Supergirl and Tea slug it out through a virtual Metropolis until Tea gets the upperhand. The Question distracts her by almost proving that she feels guilty for her actions. A shadowy figure watching the battle on a video screen descides that Tea has outlived her usefulness and remotely sets off a series of explosives that destroys Nuvo-Gen. Tea is apparently killed in the explosion. Supergirl checks with Professor Hamilton to see if the DNA sample that created Tea came from STAR Labs and he tells her that all samples were destroyed after her surgery. Shortly after the their conversation he goes to care for a badly injured and comatose Tea.


  • Supergirl / Kara
  • Gilbert Holstrom
  • Martian Manhunter / J'onn J'onzz
  • Green Arrow / Oliver Queen
  • The Question / Vic Sage
  • Professor Emil Hamilton
  • General Harcastle
  • Lasser
  • Jerry
  • Galatea / Tea

Question Quotes

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Green Arrow: Don't listen to this guy. Everything's conspiracies with him.
The Question: Not conspiracies. Conspiracy. Singular.

The Question: Reaching back to ancient Egypt, there's been a single cabal of powerful individuals directing the course of human history. But the common man prefers to believe they don't exist -- which aids their success.
Supergirl: Global warming, military upheavals in the third world, actors elected to public office....
Green Arrow: The spread of coffee bars, germs outpacing anti-biotics, and boy bands? Come on. Who would gain from all this?
The Question: Who indeed?

Supergirl: What, do you go through my trash?
The Question: Please. I go through everyone's trash.


The Question has a UFO poster with the caption "I Know," an homage to the X-Files' Fox Mulder's "I Believe" poster.

The Eagle Network reporter is briefly quizzed by a reporter in a straw hat and light blue suit - an homage to Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

The song the Question sings while breaking into Nuvo-Gen is the same one that was playing on the radio in the taxi.



  • Story - Stan Berkowitz
  • Teleplay - Robert Goodman
  • Director - Dan Riba
  • Producer - Dwayne McDuffie, Bruce Timm, and James Tucker
  • Line Producer - Shaun McLaughlin
  • Series Story Editor - Stan Berkowitz and Dwayne McDuffie
  • Series Directors - Joaqium Dos Santos and Dan Riba
  • Composer - Michael McCuistion
  • Composer (Theme Music) - Michael McCuistion
  • Voice Direction & Casting - Andrea Romano
  • Animation Services - Dong Yang Animation
  • Main Title Design - Imaginary Forces
  • Executive Producer - Sander Schwartz


  • Martian Manhunter - Carl Lumbly
  • Supergirl / Tea - Nicholle Tom
  • Green Arrow - Kin Shriner
  • The Question - Jeffrey Combs
  • Professor Hamilton - Robert Foxworth
  • General Harcastle - Charles Napier
  • Gilbert Hale - Sam McMurray
  • Lasser - Roger Rose
  • Female Singer - Cree Summer




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