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The Question, Bruce Timm-style, for Justice League Unlimited
The Question in the
Timm style from episode
"Fearful Symmetry"

After successes with animated Batman and Superman cartoon shows, Warner Bros. decided to expand their roster of heroes in 2001 with an animated Justice League. The show featured Wonder Woman, Flash, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter and John "Green Lantern" Stewart alongside Batman and Superman in more cosmically epic tales aimed at both kids and long-time fans of DC Comics.

As the Justice League cartoon gained popularity on the Cartoon Network, the rosters were expanded again in 2004 to include anyone and potentially everyone in the DC Universe. From B'wana Beast to Vigilante, any character imaginable had the potential to be a member of the Justice League for an episode. Enter the Question.

The animated version of the Question was voiced by Jeffrey Combs, famous for the Re-Animator films and his appearances on Star Trek and Peter Jackson's The Frighteners. Bruce Timm, the producer and originator of the series' style, spoke to fans at a panel at 2004's WonderCon: ""When we recorded the episode with him, we got Jeffrey Combs, from the Re-Animator movies, to play The Question. And he's so creepy. He's like the creepiest hero character we've ever had in any of the shows. We were all totally jazzed when we recorded that show. He was awesome."

Not quite the same as either the Ditko or DC version, the Question on JLU was an investigator of conspiracy theories just on the nuttier side of the X-Files' Fox Mulder, just a little less wild than the Question analogue Rorschach from Alan Moore's Watchmen. From his first appearance in the episode "Fearful Symmetry" (a potential dual reference to the Supergirl clone who appears in the episode and to Rorschach), this version of the Question was a hit with both creators and fans. Dwayne McDuffie told Comic Buyer's Guide Magazine that, "Question seemed special from the first script. About halfway through the first recording with Jeffrey Combs, I looked over at producers Bruce Timm and James Tucker and said, 'Let's just do The Question Show from now on, okay?'"

JLU ended its run in May of 2006, with the Question having appeared in at least seven and having had a major role in five episodes.

In addition to the appearances in the cartoon, the Question made two appearances in animated DC Universe related comics, the first in 1997's Adventures in the DC Universe #08 and the second in 2005's Justice League Unlimited #08.

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