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The Question sketched by Tommy Lee Edwards

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Announcing the 2006 Fan-Art Contest!

Hear ye, hear ye: Announcing the 2006 VicSage.com Fan-Art Contest!

To celebrate the opening of the new site, to collect new specimens for the fan-art section, and to promote the site in general, I'm pleased as Hawaiian Punch to bring you the VicSage.com Fan-Art Contest. Now, before you get to doodlin', hold on -- pertinent details follow:

Midnight - Aug. 1st, 2007

Fan-art must feature the Question, or his alter-ego Vic Sage as a dominant or prominent character. However, art may feature any version of the character from his multiple representations in the comics.

Art must be a completely original composition by the artist, and may not contain the work of other artists, any form of published art, a facsimilie or tracing of others' artwork. Entries may include drawings, paintings, digital images, photography, sculpture -- essentially any media which can be represented through graphic depiction on a website.

Artists of all entries agree to allow his/her work to be displayed in the fan-art section of VicSage.com and/or to be used in banners or headers identifying said section. In addition, entries will be accompanied by artist's full name and potentially a link to a personal website underneath the picture. Art in the fan-art section will follow the Vic Sage / Question fansite wherever she may roam, even if we have to move to http://www.renee -montoya-is-the-new-question.com.

Only three (3) pieces of artwork may be submitted for the contest, though many more may be submitted to be displayed in the fan-art section.

The artist must be an amateur, not currently earning a living or a part-time living as a professional comic book artist.

All art should be PG -- no nudity, gore, excessive profanity, racism, or other indecent elements.

Entries may be e-mailed to fanart@vicsage.com in pretty much any size less than 10MB. But be aware that images may be resized for display on the website.

Only one prize will be distributed to each winner. Nobody's going to sweep the gold, silver and bronze medals.

Odds of winning are dependent upon the number of entries. Winners will be notified via phone or e-mail within two months of the contest conclusion. Notification depends on user providing a valid e-mail address. Please allow a 6-8 week delay between notification of winning entry and arrival of prize. Please include your full name, age, address, telephone number, e-mail address and the title of the piece, as well as any other information you consider pertinent.

The folks in charge of this contest reserve the right to change these rules at a moment's notice for any reason they see imaginable, though they'd probably just do it to clarify things, and not to skew the contest. We ain't crooked.

Judgement will take place on several levels. The owner of the site, Eric, will collaborate with (hopefully) a professional artist to judge each piece based on the creativity, design, and all o' them other aspects that make art art. The results of this judging will constitute the first, second and third place prizes for the contest.

In addition, a group of Q? fans from the forums will select a "Jury Prize" from the remaining entries.

Prizes will be chosen from a pool by each winner in descending order, beginning with first place. Prizes include:

An unsigned promotional poster for the 1987 Question series by Denys Cowan, in pretty good condition, folded.

(Seen here is a sketch Edwards did for me. Not a prize choice, sorry.)
The Question v.2 #2 autographed by artist Tommy Lee Edwards.
The Question v.2 #4 autographed by artist Tommy Lee Edwards. x2
The Question v.2 #5 autographed by artist Tommy Lee Edwards.
The Question v.2 #6 autographed by artist Tommy Lee Edwards.

52 Week Four autographed by cover artist J.G. Jones and writer Greg Rucka.
Batman/Huntress: Cry For Blood #1 autographed by writer Greg Rucka.

The Question v.1 #1 autographed (but sorta smeared) by cover artist Bill Sienkiewicz x2

For clarification of these rules, please contact Eric.