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#101 2007-03-01 00:01:59

The Xenos
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Re: Will He? Won't He?

Well, as has been kinda said, this ain't the first time Vic Sage has 'died'.  Somewhat recently I got around to picking up the 1986 series. He 'dies' in the first issue.

Now I hope it's the same thing. Or that something weird is happening at that monestary. Or.. something. I hope they don't just 'pass the mantle' onto Montoya. I could maybe accept it temporarily as Montoya is trying to find herself, but I just don't see her as 'The All New Question'. I agree with those who say it doesn't fir this character. The Question isn't just a belt you can pass on. Well, it somewhat is. That's part of the schtick, but I mean it's not like The Atom who just passes on his research. (I admit I'm enjoying Atom and even the new Blue Beetle as much as I miss Ted.)

I like my DCU strightforward. There is no need to for chatacter switching. The Question is The Question. Montoya is Montoya. A is A.

Then again, I also like Jason Todd remaining dead, Nightwing staying alive, and Batgirl as a hero instead of an evil Navajo speaking villian.  I think Dan Didio is on a quest to make me (and other DC fans) hate DC comics. In fact, I'm pretty sure he goes around reading messageboards wtih a box of tissues handy (if you know what I mean).

The Xenos



#102 2007-03-01 10:30:22

From: Alaska
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Re: Will He? Won't He?

Here's a quote from the Absorbacon (which linked to our site today) about Vibe, which I think also sort of applies to the other V-man, Vic:

Actually, on the whole, Vibe's death "worked well". It was an exceedingly tragic moment, ennobled by its crudity and pointlessness, rather than being gilded by some puffed up Universe-Saving Sacrifice or Weeping Heroic Multitudes. It was 100 times more real than Barry Allen's "death by apparent desiccation while having my life flash before me and I comment on it".

I just checked out absorbacon and I kinda like it but no link...and he's taking a month off.



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