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#1 2010-11-18 11:46:56

Izzy O' Toole
From: London, U.K
Registered: 2007-07-23
Posts: 313

Kick Ass, Book or film?

I recently read Kick Ass and saw the film a little while ago, I gotta say, I think I preffered the film, Nicholas Cage made me care a little more about Big Daddy and I think some of the plot points were a little more finely tuned, any thoughts?

What would Rudolph say?



#2 2010-12-04 07:45:10

Squashy Josh
From: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Registered: 2008-07-27
Posts: 181

Re: Kick Ass, Book or film?

I would (as in most cases where this choice is available) choose the book over the film. I think the book was much more successful in its attempt to be a piece of social commentary. That said, the more times I read it, and Millar's work in general, the more I find him to be crude satirist as opposed to the witty, post-modern social commentator that I imagined him to be.

One of the main reasons I also preferred the book over the film was that the, in my opinion, pivotal twist towards the end of Kick Ass (book) really made the entire series for me. I fully understand why this was left out of the film, but it really did amount of power the film had overall. That twist I spoke of, to me, really was what the entire book was leading up to, in regards to overarching themes.

Also, I loathed Nicholas Cage in that film.



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