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#1 2006-11-29 07:37:56

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Whatever Happened To...

As I mentioned on a couple of other threads, I don't keep up with the minutae of the DC Universe. I haven't read a Batman title in years, and have no drive to keep up with the spandex set. (Fine for those that do, don't misread this as a shot!) My knowledge of the Question has a huge gap between Question Quarterly #5 and 52 #1, with some knowledge picked up here and there (Batman/Huntress mini, some other Q appearances).

The problem with this is that I lose track of characters. Denny O'Neil had a thing for bringing his old characters back in other series -- usually as supporting or background characters. For example, Lady Shiva and Richard Dragon in Question.

It's safe to assume that a number of characters in the Question series made other appearances in the DCU. I understand that Harold (Q#33) became a supporting character in the Batman universe. But what about the others?


We all know that Vic, Richard Dragon, and Tot are in 52. (Did Tot appear anywhere else between Q#36 and 52?) Lady Shiva is a DCU mainstay, currently in Birds of Prey.

Here's my list of questionable characters, and the last appearance that I know of. I'm sure someone can fill in the gaps.

Myra - last appeared in The Question Returns one-shot
Izzy O'Toole - Question Quarterly #5. (Was he in "Returns"? I don't have my copy handy.)
Marco - Question Quarterly #5 ("Okay, so Vic takes the sticks, and...")
Cathy Fregosi - Question Returns
Myra's hairdresser during her mayoral campaign (whose name I'm blanking on) - Question #24 or thereabouts. ("Presh.")
Baby Jessica (I think that was her name) - Question Quarterly #4. Not technically an O'Neil character, but she had to get off that subway sometime.
Harold - Question #33. I know his ultimate fate, but can someone fill in the details?

I need to re-read my series -- I know there are others but I can't think of them now.



#2 2006-11-29 09:03:57

From: Alaska
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Re: Whatever Happened To...

Wish I could help you.

I need to re-read "The Question", "The Question Quarterly", "The Question Returns".

Need to finish collecting and then read "The Brave And The Bold" mini, "The Question" 2005 mini.

Just found out about L.A.W. and Solo and Huntress or is it Batman/Huntress?

Good Luck.



#3 2006-11-29 15:38:23

The "Wizard"
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Re: Whatever Happened To...

Izzy wasn't in Returns. His last appearance was the Quarterly you mentioned.

Actually, aside from Myra, Cathy, and Tot, none of the O'Neil-era side characters were seen again after the Quarterlys and Annuals ended, and after Returns the only character to be seen again is Tot. Heck, I don't even think they've mentioned Myra or anyone since then.




#4 2006-11-29 18:37:15

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Re: Whatever Happened To...

All of that seems right to me. Harold was introduced to the Bat-Family in a three-part story I think in Detective Comics and I think it was called "The Penguin Affair."



#5 2006-11-30 08:17:21

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Re: Whatever Happened To...

Hm, I may not be as behind-the-times as I thought I was...

I don't know whether to be pleased or depressed.  :?



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