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#1 2009-03-21 10:42:04

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Continuity error between Question Quarterly and Cry for Blood?

Well, this has been bugging me awhile and I wondered if anyone else noticed it or cared about it.

See, in Question Quarterly #2 (spoilers coming up if you haven't read it yet) Myra's kid, Jackie, dies.  But in Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood #3, the Question refers to Jackie as having been living with Myra for the last 18 months.

So is this a blatant error, or did Vic have a child with Myra named in Jackie's memory, or is Jackie the "someone else" Vic says she found, or what?

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#2 2009-03-21 14:37:32

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Re: Continuity error between Question Quarterly and Cry for Blood?

GR: …Heh. Have to see if it’ll fly, but I think I know where we could do it.

I don’t even remember the plot precisely — I think it was that Tot contacted Charlie and told him that something had happened with Myra. It was going to be very soap opera in some ways; Helena the new girl meets Myra the old girl kinda thing. And it was going to, ideally, resolve a lot of the unresolved stuff that Jackie’s death had left behind.

EN: Well, maybe you shouldn’t give too much away, just in case….

GR: Oh, no fear. Things always change in the writing. And the writer I was then and the writer I am now are so different, I couldn’t write the story the same way if I tried. Though I still think Jackie’s death was never adequately dealt with.

EN: Especially since, if I remember right, that was the book that had the pages printed backwards at the most anti-climactic moment possible.

GR: Oh yes. It was so ‘effed up, in fact, I remember literally having to ask Denny if Jackie was actually dead dead dead or not. And Denny needed a couple minutes before he could remember.

EN: The first time I read them, I went through at least three times trying to make sense of it before I noticed the page numbers.

GR: Bad sign when you can’t remember if the little girl died or not. Worse sign if the writer can’t remember.

EN: You might not remember this, but when that specific issue of CFB came out, there was a dork shitstorm over the fact that you had Barbara Gordon call Robin “Tim.”

GR: I have vague memories. There were dork shitstorms over half of what I did back then. Come to think of it, there’re shitstorms over half of what I do today, it seems.

EN: But I was the one weirdo that e-mailed you to point out that Jackie was dead, but that it would be great if you could ret-con that. I always thought it would be fun to see that surrogate father-daughter situation played out.

GR: That was you?!?

EN: That was me.

GR: Denny and I were BOTH so embarrassed by that. Like I said, it was bad that I’d missed it. It was infinitely worse that he, the EDITOR and WRITER, had missed it. I think he regretted doing it, actually. But I don’t know for sure.

EN: I bet I was the only one in the whole readership who noticed.

GR: Oh, no. You were just the only one to write about it.



#3 2009-03-21 22:22:02

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Re: Continuity error between Question Quarterly and Cry for Blood?

I tried reading that one and it confused me to.

"GR: That was you?!?

EN: That was me."

Haha ah just like the Question; holing people accountable.

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#4 2009-03-25 09:54:17

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Re: Continuity error between Question Quarterly and Cry for Blood?

Well, cry for blood took place before the current DC universal fix-all-F-ups (superboy prime cosmic wall punch) let's just agree that Jakie's miraculous resurection was due to the previous Dc universal fix-all-F-ups, aka Zero Hour.
it could be the only time we see it's effects on the common citizen of the DCU.
Why jackie?
That is a question... 


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