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#1 2008-02-25 22:04:30

takes a punch with style
From: a River City
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False Watercolors of False Faces

Okay, I'm not a visual artist like some of you (I'm amazed by the art you all have been posting), but I thought I'd share something I made over a year ago. Sometimes as a way to shake up my creative processes (I live in text), I force myself to play around with visuals. A year ago, I stumbled across an image that for some reason made me think of Vic & Myra. I decided on the slightly-incestuous title of "Victor Courts Fair Victoria," but really, it's a response to how in Randian philosophy we should reserve romance (and sex!) for those who reflect our values.

So I post this not to brag on some weak faux-watercolor I made in a moment of late night passion, but to challenge some of our visual artists here to take the basic (rough) idea of this and make your own image. Does this pose inspire you to create something involving Q? in a romantic situation? Who do you picture him with - Myra? Nora? Helena?

"Art is about our fourth survival priority. And one can only assume that it therefore must have importance." - Alan Moore



#2 2008-03-02 19:10:53

Conspiracy Theorist
From: New York
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Re: False Watercolors of False Faces

Hurm. That is quite an interesting proposition.

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