...The Question!
Banner: The Question by Denys Cowan

Who's Who '87 Update

Volume 4 / Nov. 1987

The Cover of Who's Who '87 Update by Todd McFarlane
Artist: Denys Cowan and Bob Smith
Writer: Mike W. Barr, Joey Cavalieri, Paul Kupperberg, Paul Levitz, Doug Moench, John Ostrander, Barbara Randall, Bob Rozakis, Len Wein
Cover: Ernie Colon
Colors: Anthony Tollin
Editor: Robert Greenberger
Nov. 1987 / DC Comics

Alter Ego: Victor (Vic) Sage
Occupation: Television reporter
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Hub City
First Appearance: Blue Beetle #4 (first series)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Reddish blond


Television reporter Vic Sage was determined to rid Hub City of its corruption, utilizing a mask and color-changing gas created by his friend Aristotle Rodor, to become the Question. When a tape acquired by The Question was aired by Sage, Mayor Wesley Fermin and his men swore to kill Sage.

Fermin had hired Lady Shiva (see Lady Shiva) as an agent of death and she battered The Question to near senselessness. Fermin then had him shot and dumped into the harbor. Sage awakened in the home of Aristotle Rodor, having been saved from drowning by Shiva. He was then taken to a mountain retreat where he was trained by a crippled martial artist named Richard Dragon (see Richard Dragon). When his training was complete, he returned to Hub City to take care of Fermin and his crew. The Question remains a combatant against Hub City's political corruption. His lonely battle is a long oone with no guarantee of success.


The Question is able to change the color of his hair and clothes with the gas created by Rodor. In addition, the mask that attaches to his face is a combination of two chemicals that form an adhesive and is virtually unremovable without the proper chemical.

His training by Richard Dragon has made The Question a master of martial arts, superior in hand-to-hand combat.

The Question from Who's Who '87 Update, by Denys Cowan and Bob Smith