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Solo #5

"Al Kufr'- The Infidel" - Aug. 2006

The Cover of Solo #5 by Darwyn Cooke
Script: Darwyn Cooke
Art: Darwyn Cooke
Associate Editor: Michael Siglain
Editor: Mark Chiarello
Cover: Darwyn Cooke
Published by DC Comics

A fortress stands across a stretch of desert. The wind swirls. Suddenly, there stands the Question.

He thinks about modern media as he approaches, pundits from both sides of the political spectrum who talk loudly but say nothing. He vaults over the wall. The guards do not see.

Return to the objectivity of mathematics, he decides while thinking about the events of 9/11 -- three planes, fifteen men. Fifteen who came from a single country and were trained in camps like the one the Question is in now. He sneaks through the fortress planting small bombs. When the sun rises, the push of a button will trigger fifteen of them across the camp.

The Question rides off on a white horse, back to his hotel. He waits by the window. "Can an individual find an absolute and the conviction to act with a just purpose?" He takes off his mask and looks out across the desert. "Come sunrise today, there'll be no question."

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