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The Question v.2 #6

"Falling In Place" - June 2005

The Cover of The Question v.2 #6 by Tommy Lee Edwards
Script: Rick Veitch
Art: Tommy Lee Edwards
Lettering: John Workman
Editor: Ben Abernathy
Cover: Tommy Lee Edwards
Published by DC Comics

Looking into the chi reader, one of the Subterraneans sees the Question stepping out of the portajohn. The others think he's crazy, and yet, the man gets thrown off the side of the building by seemingly nothing.

Sage comes out from behind the Subterraneans and swings down on them. He separates them and picks them off one small group at a time, seemingly invisible sometimes. He climbs into a steamshovel and approaches them as they fire. Suddenly, the other construction equipment roars to life too and they're boxed in.

They regroup, under the secret influence of the Question, by the blasting shed, and the Question sends a rocket into it, throwing the men to the ground. The Question gathers their bodies and cements them into the foundation of the building, ensuring that their chi will pollute the site of the Science Spire. When Van Mliet arrives, the ghost of Six True Words swoops down to confuse him, and the Question winds up adding him to the foundation as well.

Superman investigates the subway death of the Subterraneans and his search takes him to the Psychopomp, who it turns out was the Question, having killed the real Psychopomp in Chicago. The Question gives Superman the files on the case and asks them to deliver a message to Lois Lane. Superman cuts him off and tells him to leave town.

On the train home, Sage meets the same child who asks him if he solved the puzzle -- Sage replies in the negative, saying that the puzzle of love might never be solved.

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