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The Question v.2 #5

"Stillpoint" - May 2005

The Cover of The Question v.2 #5 by Tommy Lee Edwards
Script: Rick Veitch
Art: Tommy Lee Edwards
Lettering: John Workman
Editor: Ben Abernathy
Cover: Tommy Lee Edwards
Published by DC Comics

Vic Sage overhears Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen mocking his high school poetry. If it bothers him, it doesn't show -- because he puts on the faceless mask to become the Question.

At the site of the Science Spire, Van Mliet takes Six True Words to the top of the building. She's figured out via chi channels that Luthor's project has only evil purposes. Van Mliet forces her off the building, and the Question watches her fall, pointing in the other plane to the top of the Spire. As he attempts to communicate with her, he hears a different voice instead -- Superman, speaking on a microfrequency, warning the Question about the deaths of Subterraneans he'd heard about the day before. The Question, knowing about the Subterranean's "clean sweep" argues that if the men died, where are their bodies?

The Question walks into a portajohn, takes a whiff of Rodor's gas, and has his mind opened to the two worlds. What he doesn't know is that the Subterraneans wait outside.

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