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The Question v.2 #4

"Inside Out" - Apr. 2005

The Cover of The Question v.2 #4 by Tommy Lee Edwards
Script: Rick Veitch
Art: Tommy Lee Edwards
Lettering: John Workman
Editor: Ben Abernathy
Cover: Tommy Lee Edwards
Published by DC Comics

The Question breaks up an illegal organ selling transaction, and, dragging the criminals into the street, finds himself face to face with Superman. Superman warns him off of vigilantism in Metropolis, and accuses him of using drugs to aid his "walking in two worlds."

At the site of the Science Spire, Six True Words holds a purification ceremony to cleanse the building place of the spirits of dead slaves who are unearthed during the foundation digging.

The Subterraneans find themselves facing the QUestion on a subway platform, and he makes short work of them, allowing only the leader to get away. The leader, Minos, runs into the Psychopomp and hires him for a special job -- kill the Question!

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