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The Question v.2 #2

"...So Below" - Feb. 2005

The Cover of The Question v.2 #2 by Tommy Lee Edwards
Script: Rick Veitch
Art: Tommy Lee Edwards
Lettering: John Workman
Editor: Ben Abernathy
Cover: Tommy Lee Edwards
Published by DC Comics

While Lois Lane covers the high-falutin' press conference for Luthor's Science Spire at the top of a skyscraper, the Question finds himself walking the lowly streets of Metropolis looking for answers.

Luthor introduces architect Miles Van Vliet and Feng Shui master Six True Words who discuss the balance that the Science Spire will strike between the earthly and spiritual planes.

The Question's journey leads him to the site of the Science Spire as everyone else stares up at the sky. Some sort of lens eclipses the sun, causing a giant laser that heads straight for Metropolis. A red streak flashes across the skyline and Superman rushes to meet the beam head-on.

Nearby, members of the Subterraneans, seeing Superman distracted, execute a bank robbery. But they weren't counting on the presence of the Question, who takes them all out with efficiency.

Frustrated later, the leader of the Subterraneans finds a stowaway onboard the gang's subway train headquarters -- The Psychopomp!

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