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The Question v.2 #1

"Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" - Jan. 2005

The Cover of The Question v.2 #1 by Tommy Lee Edwards
Script: Rick Veitch
Art: Tommy Lee Edwards
Lettering: John Workman
Editor: Ben Abernathy
Cover: Tommy Lee Edwards
Published by DC Comics

Yesterday: Vic Sage finds himself facing off against an asssassin who "walks two worlds," seeing both the superficial nature and the hidden plane of the world. The assassin, called the Psychopomp, ferries souls into the land of the dead, binding them there in torment.

Vic Sage also walks two worlds and in him, the Psychopomp finds a formidable opponent. They duel on both planes, conversing until the Psychopomp seems to make a getaway.

Today: Vic Sage buys a train ticket to Metropolis, where he's teaming up with j-school classmate Lois Lane, whom he had a bit of a crush on. Sage is also heading to Metropolis to find out about the Subterraneans, the gang that hired the Psychopomp. Somehow, he realizes as he puts together a child's puzzle on the train, all of this is connected to Superman. When the train arrives at the station, Lois boards to meet him, but finds he's already gone.

Tomorrow: Vic Sage steps off the train and calls for Metropolis to speak to him.

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