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The Question Quarterly #3

"Hell in Hub City" - Autumn 1991

The Cover of The Question Quarterly #3 by Denys Cowan
Script: Dennis O'Neil
Pencils: Joe Quesada
Inks: Bruce N. Solotoff, Mickey Ritter, Josef Rubinstein
Lettering: Willie Schubert
Colors: Eric Kachelhofer
Editor: Jim Owsley
Cover: Denys Cowan
Published by DC Comics

Hollywood comes to Hub City, as Randy McDainger and crew arrive in town to film "Hell In Hub City: Rudy Fist is at it Again!"

Vic and Marco head out to save the city from the Hun and Grinning Ghost bikers and gang members hired as extras on the set.

And who should show up but Cathy Fregosi? And who should get the ensuing fight between Cathy and the Question, but the director of "Hell in Hub City?" And who should wind up as an unpaid stunt man but Vic?

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  • Vic Sage / The Question
  • Myra Connelly Fermin
  • Izzy O'Toole
  • Marco
  • Cathy Fregosi
  • Randy McDainger


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