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The Question v.1 #36

"Or maybe Gomorrah" - Apr. 1990

The Cover of The Question #36 by Denys Cowan
Script: Dennis O'Neil
Pencils: Denys Cowan
Inks: Malcolm Jones III
Lettering: Willie Schubert
Colors: Tatjana Wood
Asst. Editor: Katie Main
Editor: Mike Gold
Cover: Denys Cowan
Published by DC Comics

Myra helps the wounded Vic out of the church only to find that street thugs are in the process of dismantling Myra's car. When Vic makes a motion to stop them he passes out. Richard Dragon surprises Myra when he gets out of his wheel chair to put Vic in.

They meet Lt. Izzy O'Toole and the dead false Question. He explains what happened and how he is going to be an honest cop for another night. They start walking to Tot's house. They encounter a man with a baby begging for money. When they point out that the infant is dead he callously discards it.

That night at Tot's house Myra joins the resting Vic in bed. Believing him asleep she finally tells him she loves them. The next day, while playing in the snow Vic convinces her to leave Hub City. She arranges for a helicopter to pick her, her daughter, Jackie, Vic, Richard Dragon and Tot up.

When Myra goes by the special school where Jackie is enrolled the nun asks her to take the other children with her because the school is out of money. Myra regretfully refuses.

At the helicopter landing site they are all surprised when Lady Shiva throws the pilot out. It seems the pilot had decided to renege on his agreement to pick up his passengers until Shiva painfully reminded him of his promise.

At the last moment Myra changes her mind about leaving. She remembers the plaintive looks on the faces of the other children and the dead baby. She remembers that she took a vow to serve the city.

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  • Vic Sage / The Question
  • Myra Connelly Fermin
  • Izzy O'Toole
  • "Smelly" Melly Warder
  • Jackie Connelly
  • Lady Shiva


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