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The Question v.1 #28

"A Place For the Arts" - July 1989

The Cover of The Question #28 by Denys Cowan
Script: Dennis O'Neil
Pencils: Denys Cowan
Inks: Malcolm Jones III
Lettering: Willie Schubert
Colors: Tatjana Wood
Asst. Editor: Katie Main
Editor: Mike Gold
Cover: Denys Cowan & Bill Sienkiewicz
Published by DC Comics

Attracted by the turmoil of Hub City, Lady Shiva comes looking for an opportunity to practice her arts.

She gives the leader of the Savage Huns, Loosh O'Fry a chance to hire her. He responds by sending four of his men to kill her.

Vic stops by the hospital to visit Myra. Without any medicine and no staff remaining, she decides to check herself out of the hospital.

Vic gives her a ride as he apprises her of the state of the city. Vic's car is stopped by angry citizens looking for food. Myra talks them into calming down. She asks Vic to bring her the leaders of the two most powerful gangs.

Vic starts with Loosh O'Fry: A combination of bluffing and fighting gets him access to the Savage Huns leader and helps him sneak the unconscious thug out. The Question revives Loosh.

As they make their way to Myra, they meet Lady Shiva. Loosh hires her on the spot. He orders her to kill Vic.

Meanwhile, Benjy Floper, leader of the Grinning Ghosts gang commandeers KBEL and announces that his gang will offer the city protection for a very high price.

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  • Lady Shiva
  • Benjy Floper
  • Tot Rodor
  • Vic Sage / The Question
  • Myra Connelly Fermin
  • Harry
  • Loosh O'Fry


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