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Banner: The Question by Denys Cowan

The Question v.1 #27

"Captain Star & Sergeant Stripes" - June 1989

The Cover of The Question #27 by Denys Cowan
Script: Dennis O'Neil
Layouts: Denys Cowan
Finishes: Malcolm Jones III
Lettering: Willie Schubert
Stars 'n Stripes: Rick Stasi, Terry Beatty, Milt Snappin
Colors: Tatjana Wood
Editor: Mike Gold
Cover: Denys Cowan
Published by DC Comics

Tot worries that Vic will get carried away in his Question persona and kill someone. He points out to Vic that the young man is playing a combatative vigilante role. Vic denies it. Tot wonders where the reporter with the burning curiosity went.

Vic goes to the hospital to visit Myra. Her gunshot wounds are healing but she is still in a coma. Hearing commotion on the roof, he rushes up as the Question to see what's going on. He finds some thugs dangling a man from the edge of the building. He tells them that if they drop the man, they'll follow his body down.

Not heeding the warning, the thugs drop their victim. Vic disarms them, but a kick sends one teetering over the edge. Vic considers not helping him back up, but eventually does, telling the thug not to thank him.

Tot's eccentric cousin Alvin comes Hub City to visit. He disappeared when he was in his teens after creating 18 issues of a wartime comic book -- Stars 'n Stripes.

He spent his adult life in New Guinea studying under a pygmy shaman. He learned that he and cartoonist like him ended the war. Like the pygmies that use drawings to gain success in a hunt the cartoonists' stories of Americans defeating the Nazis and the Japanese helped the allies win the war.

Vic asks Alvin to draw one more page depicting Myra Fermin recovering from her coma. He takes the drawing to a building top where meditates on it. While he meditates, the doctor gives the newly elected mayor an adrenaline shot that succeeds in waking her from her coma.

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  • Captain Stars
  • Sergeant Stripes
  • Their Pal Betsy!
  • Baron Von Hunn
  • Vic Sage / The Question
  • Tot Rodor
  • Alvin Rodor
  • Myra Connelly Fermin


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