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Banner: The Question by Denys Cowan

The Question v.1 #20

"Send in the Clowns" - Oct. 1988

The Cover of The Question #20 by Denys Cowan
Script: Dennis O'Neil
Art: Rick Magyar
Lettering: Willie Schubert
Colors: Tatjana Wood
Editor: Mike Gold
Cover: Rick Magyar
Published by DC Comics

Just prior to the debate, a former coworker of Myra and Vic's comes unhinged as a result of seeing Myra and Vic's last fling. He exposes himself on live television during his regular spot appearing as a clown.

Royal Dinsmore's racist rhetoric inflames three men, giving them justification to kill another clown with a visiting circus believing him to be the one who exposed himself.

Released from the hospital, the disturbed clown finds his way to the circus where he is welcomed. However, the killers also go to the circus with the intention of killing the right clown.

Vic Sage also heads to the circus looking for a story. He arrives in time to stop the bigots from claiming another clown, and then spends the night adding a clowny-touch to Dinsmore's campaign posters.

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  • Mike "Mikey the Clown" Rappaport
  • Myra Connelly Fermin
  • Maurice
  • Vic Sage / The Question
  • Royal Dinsmore
  • Candidate Jazlett
  • Beany, the Human Skeleton
  • The Fat Lady
  • Boston
  • Ralph "Bobo the Clown" Dexley
  • Tot Rodor
  • Finch


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