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Banner: The Question by Denys Cowan

The Question v.1 #18

"Desperate Ground" - July 1988

The Cover of The Question #18 by Denys Cowan
Script: Dennis O'Neil
Pencils: Denys Cowan
Inks: Rick Magyar
Lettering: Gaspar
Colors: Tatjana Wood
Editor: Mike Gold
Cover: Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz
Published by DC Comics

Green Arrow hitched a ride in the back of a truck Parker's thugs used to take Vic into the mountains to kill him. While taking out Eddie and Skinny, Green Arrow tells the Question he doesn't trust him enough to release him.

As they head back into town, they overhear on the CB radio as Parker makes plans to transport another shipment of illegal arms.

The Question convinces Green Arrow to release him. Together they bring down Butch and Sundance by riding a pair of snowmobiles into the blades of a helicopter while philosophizing on the teachings of Sun Tzu.

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  • Vic Sage / The Question
  • Oliver Queen / Green Arrow
  • Skinny
  • Eddie
  • Robert LeRoy "Butch Cassidy" Parker
  • Sundance Kid


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