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The L.A.W. #4

"Martial L.A.W." - Dec. 1999

The Cover of The L.A.W. #4 by Dick Giordano and Bob Layton
Script: Bob Layton
Pencils: Dick Giordano
Inks: Bob Layton
Lettering: John E. Workman Jr.
Colors: Tom Ziuko
Associate Editor: Frank Berrios
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Cover: Dick Giordano and Bob Layton
Published by DC Comics

Judomaster thinks back to the time when Tiger was a faithful comrade in crime-fighting and an adopted son, and remembers the day that unamicably parted ways.

As his former sidekick tortures him, the two recount what they've done since the day when Tiger told his father figure that he wanted to have a home, and no longer tour the world. Judomaster left behind his superhero guise and went to Nanda Parbat. Tiger became Avatar, a villainous god with a purpose -- protecting the world's children.

As Avater recounts his story, Judomaster breaks free. The two grapple and Judomaster delivers a deadly blow! Judomaster frees captain Atom, but before he leaves, he revives Avatar.

When Sarge Steel hears this, he's furious. Judomaster explains to the other heroes how he escaped -- he willed himself through the bonds. Beetle is skeptical.

The revived Avatar brings forth creatures from other dimensions as Sarge Steel figures out the identity of the traitor -- Dr. Bhattacarja! She was using Sarge's new prosthetic as a mind-control device. Now she's locked herself in a room trying to take over the G.O.R.T. satellite. The Earth's only hope? A spacebound Question, Beetle and Peacemaker!

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