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The L.A.W. #2

"The Way of the Warrior" - Oct. 1999

The Cover of The L.A.W. #2 by Dick Giordano and Bob Layton
Script: Bob Layton
Pencils: Dick Giordano
Inks: Bob Layton
Lettering: John E. Workman Jr.
Colors: Tom Ziuko
Associate Editor: Frank Berrios
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Cover: Dick Giordano and Bob Layton
Published by DC Comics

The Avatar gathers his resources for a total destruction of the world's military forces, and with Captain Atom in helpless bondage, he's well on his way to accomplishing his goal.

Meanwhile, The Question and Blue Beetle meet up with some angry Avatarites in the city of Lucknow. They're getting beat down pretty badly until they meet up with Jagger, who turns the tide substantially. They get away, and head to Peacemaker, where they've been summoned by Steel.

Steel has been quite busy in the meantime, losing his famed steel prosthetic, meeting the lovely communications director Justine Ramagas, and discovering the newly almost-not-human Nightshade. He's just about to get a new prosthesis when the Bug and crew show up.

Everyone catches up on the situation, Jagger's identity is discovered, and Nightshade sets out on her personal mission.

Peacemaker science head Dr. Bhattacarja secretly receives top-secret info from someone high up and relays it to the Avatar.

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  • Avatar
  • N. Christopher Adam / Captain Atom
  • Vic Sage / The Question
  • Ted Kord / Blue Beetle
  • Sarge Steel
  • Justine Ramagas
  • Ripley Jagger / Judo Master
  • Mitchell Black / Peacemaker
  • Dr. Bhattacarja
  • Salt
  • Jared Stevens /Fate
  • Rama Kushna


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