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The L.A.W. #1

"Avatar Rising" - Sept. 1999

The Cover of The L.A.W. #1 by Dick Giordano and Bob Layton
Script: Bob Layton
Pencils: Dick Giordano
Inks: Bob Layton
Lettering: John E. Workman Jr.
Colors: Tom Ziuko
Associate Editor: Frank Berrios
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Cover: Dick Giordano and Bob Layton
Published by DC Comics

Where's the Justice League? Who is Avatar? That's what the world wants to know, after a mysterious demi-god sends the Grant Morrison-era JLA to some otherworldly dimension where the people of earth can't find them.

In the meantime, Avatar himself is attacking military installations throughout the world, and collecting orphans. He also collects Captain Atom and sends him to a place where he'll better "serve his needs."

Sarge Steel meets with President Bill Clinton, who gives him the authority to meet up with the Peacemaker project.

Vic Sage has also been taking note of things that are going on around the world. He, in his other persona of the Question, meets up with Ted Kord, a.k.a. the Blue Beetle.

Steel meets up with the Peacemaker Project, and his liason Mr. Salt. When they get back to P.P.H.Q., the forces of Avatar, the demons Ravanan are attacking. With the help of Mitchell Black, the new Peacemaker, they fight them off.

Eve Eden is back at home in Maryland, meeting with Fate, who says that he can rid her of the Succubus (see Suicide Squad), but when he does, she's also stripped of Eve Eden.

And last, but not least, Ripley Jagger is in the fabled city of Nanda Parabat (see Deadman), where he's summoned by the Rama Kushna spirit. Something's amiss, it's partly Jagger's fault, and he must set out from Nanda Parabat to correct this wrong. But it's not as Ripley Jagger, displaced spiritualist monk that he leaves, it's as the persona he hasn't taken for more than fifty years...the World War II judo master named, well, Judomaster!

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  • Vic Sage / The Question
  • Avatar
  • The Justice League
  • N. Christopher Adam / Captain Atom
  • Nora Lace
  • Sarge Steel
  • Bill Clinton
  • Ted Kord / Blue Beetle
  • Salt
  • Mitchell Black / Peacemaker
  • Eve Eden / Nightshade
  • Jared Stevens /Fate
  • Ripley Jagger / Judo Master
  • Rama Kushna


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