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Green Arrow Annual #1

"Lesson for a Crab" - Sept. 1988

The Cover of Green Arrow Annual #1 by Ed Hannigan and Dick Giordano
Script: Denny O'Neil
Pencils: Tom Artis
Inks: Tom Dzon
Lettering: Todd Klein
Colors: Julia LacquementTodd Klein
Editor: Mike Gold
Cover: Ed Hannigan and Dick Giordano
Published by DC Comics

Green Arrow saves a woman's life with a near-impossible shot that blocks the trigger on a gun. He tells Dinah that he doesn't even aim, he just knows where the arrow will land when he lets go.

A millionaire playboy archer named Kalesque reads of Green Arrow's feats and challenges him, via a newspaper ad, to a million dollar duel. When Green Arrow doesn't take him up on it, Kalesque travels to Star City and begins murdering people with green arrows. The real Green Arrow has trouble living with the guilt of people dying because of a vendetta against him, and loses his ability to shoot on target. A new challenge comes from Kalesque -- a duel in the mountains, to the death.

With the Batman's help, Shiva and O Sensei have located Green Arrow. They find him practicing miserably, and Shiva mocks his archery. They explain they're there for a favor -- to be exchanged for a lesson. As Shiva and Dinah duel, O Sensei tells the story of the hermit crab who hides from the raccoon in his shell. Because he will not abandon his shell, he suffocates and the raccoon wins anyway. Had he abandoned his shell, he could have pinched the raccoon's nose.

Green Arrow walks into the mountains without his bow. Kalesque doesn't understand, and Green Arrow knows that the villain won't shoot, because he'll always wonder who was better. Green Arrow walks into point blank range, and Kalesque still hesitates. The Emerald Archer takes Kalesque's bow away, and thinks about punching him. In the end, he pinches his nose instead.

Shiva arrives, having tracked Green Arrow into the mountains. She challenges his ability to shoot now, and he obliges, picking a pinecone off of a tree from a distance.

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  • Oliver Queen / Green Arrow
  • Dinah Lance / Black Canary
  • Kalesque
  • Lady Shiva
  • O Sensei
  • Bruce Wayne / Batman
  • Alfred Pennyworth
  • Wittels

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