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Adventures in the DC Universe #8

"Face Off" - Nov. 1997

The Cover of Adventures in the DC Universe #8 by John Delaney
Script: Steve Vance
Pencils: John Delaney
Inks: Ron Boyd
Lettering: Tim Harkins
Colors: Rob Le Rose
Associate Editor: Frank Berrios
Editor: KC Carlson
Cover: John Delaney and Ron Boyd
Published by DC Comics

Shortly after turning down a job offer from a "media mogul corporate titan slimeball," Vic Sage takes his frustrations out by investigating a crimescene.

When two and two add up to make something other than four, Vic tails a suspicious maintenance man right into an attempted terrorist bombing at D.I.T.Co. (Diversified Industrial Toxins Company). After stopping the badguy's (revealed to be the regular Adventures in the DC Universe villain, the shape-changing Cipher) henchmen, The Question has to decide whether to satisfy his curiousity about Cipher's identity or save Hub City from imminent destruction.

He of course chooses the latter, and Cipher gets away.

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  • Winston McKinney
  • Vic Sage / The Question
  • Cipher


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