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Batman/Huntress: Cry For Blood #6

[untitled] - Nov. 2000

The Cover of Batman/Huntress: Cry For Blood #6 by Rick Burchett
Script: Greg Rucka
Pencils: Rick Burchett
Inks: Rick Burchett
Lettering: Clem Robins
Colors: Tatjana Wood
Associate Editor: Joseph Illidge
Editor: Denny O'Neil
Cover: Rick Burchett
Published by DC Comics

The Huntress stands in front of Santo Cassamento, the man she knows from the photograph is her father. It was he who set up the killings, in order to destroy Helena.

When the Bertinellis were assassinated, Cassamento gave the assassin orders not to kill the sister. He meant the sister of Tomasso Panessa, but his instructions weren't explicit enough. Helena lived, where Cassamento believes it should have been Maria, her mother. He hates her for it. Now, knowing her identity and having that leverage, he'll use the Huntress as an enforcer.

She leaves to find Nightwing waiting for her. Batman's run the DNA. Cassamento is telling the truth. He tells her that Batman trusts her to resolve the situation the right way. "Thanks for nothing," Huntress says as she swings away.

She finds Vic meditating at home. She tells him she's trying to breathe as Dragon taught her. But she's in trouble. She blows out the candle between them. The lights go out. Half a candle later, she and Vic discuss going to the Panessa wedding over Chinese food.

At the wedding, Helena requests a favor of her uncle, in honor of her mother, his dead sister. As she whispers her request into his ear, he agrees. On the way out of the wedding, Santo calls Helena to him and embraces her. she responds quite coldly.

That night, Huntress and Question track down Mario Cassamento. She finds out the time of the next shipment from him and tells him to leave town. Without Mario there, Santo calls and demands the Huntress show up to protect him. Helena agrees and tells Vic not to follow her. Huntress meets Santo on the pier, and as he goes in, the Question shows up. He says Tomaso's inside, waiting. There's still time to stop things from happening. "Blood cries for blood, Vic," she says. Two gunshots ring out.

Sirens ring in the distance. An anonymous tip, Huntress says -- Tomaso will serve time. Vic takes off his mask. "Damn you," he says, and walks away.

Helena pulls the cross from around her neck and lets it fall into the water. "Happened long ago, Vic..." she says. "It happened long ago."

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  • Helena Bertinelli / The Huntress
  • Santo Cassamento
  • Dick Grayson / Nightwing
  • Vic Sage / The Question
  • Mario Cassamento
  • Tomaso Panessa


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