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Batman/Huntress: Cry For Blood #4

[untitled] - Sept. 2000

The Cover of Batman/Huntress: Cry For Blood #4 by Rick Burchett
Script: Greg Rucka
Pencils: Rick Burchett
Inks: Rick Burchett
Lettering: Clem Robins
Colors: Tatjana Wood
Associate Editor: Joseph Illidge
Editor: Denny O'Neil
Cover: Rick Burchett
Published by DC Comics

Helena begins the story of her transformation into the Huntress, starting with her parents' funeral, after which she was sent to Sicily in the care of her cousin Sal. In Sicily, she's told the main rule of the house -- never go near the barn.

Helena has trouble adjusting to life after her parents' murder. Her cousin and his father are constantly practicing their target shooting and sparring, she thinks to protect her. She's too young to figure out what Sal's real profession is.

She has a nightmare one night and Sal takes her out to the barn. "Blood cries for blood," he says, showing her the racks of weapons that are stored there. He tells her to choose a weapon -- to choose not to be afraid anymore. She chooses a crossbow and with a new firm resolve, asks that he teach her.

He does, and she becomes a formidable fighter. But the police crack down on the mafia and Helena is forced to leave home for school in Switzerland. There, she realizes the depth of her family's mob connections.

At sixteen, Helena finds herself back in Gotham at a party thrown by her godfather. She stands in the corner hating them all, wishing they were afraid of something, when suddenly Batman jumps through the window.

The Question finds this amusing. He convinces her that the Batman is a father figure of sorts to her. When they get back to her apartment, she invites him inside where...speak of the devil...Batman is waiting!

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  • Helena Bertinelli / The Huntress
  • Vic Sage / The Question
  • Sal Asano
  • Tomaso Panessa
  • Pasquale Galante
  • Bruce Wayne / Batman


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