...The Question!
Banner: The Question by Denys Cowan

Comics Cavalcade

A cancelled weekly Action Heroes book from DC

The Cover of Comics Cavalcade #1 by Dave Gibbons
Art: Dave Gibbons
Colors: Eric Newsom of VicSage.com
Published by DC Comics

Originally called "Blockbuster Weekly," Comics Cavalcade would have starred the Charlton Action Heroes and Superman, a weekly book that was a pre-cursor to Action Comics Weekly and the more recent 52. Plans fell through however, and though some finished pages exist as well as a cover drawn by Dave Gibbons, the project was a no-go.

The Question was to be written in this weekly series by Mike W. Barr and drawn by Stan Woch. If anyone knows anything further about this Question portion of the book, or can connect me with Mr. Barr or Mr. Woch, please e-mail. Thanks.


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