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The Brave and the Bold #6

[untitled] - June 1992

The Cover of The Brave and the Bold #6 by Shea Anton Pensa
Script: Mike Grell and Mike Baron
Pencils: Shea Anton Pensa
Inks: Pablos Marcos
Lettering: Steve Haynie
Colors: Julia Lacquement
Editor: Mike Gold
Cover: Mike Grell
Published by DC Comics

Things start to heat up on all fronts as Green Arrow and Butcher fight their way out of Youngblood's compound. Ollie barely makes it, forced to break through the blockade in a fiery pickup truck with O'Rourke right behind him.

Ollie brings things together, explaining to Byron that Youngblood set everyone up because he doesn't want just part of the reservation, he wants all of it. Vic, Butcher and Queen go out to fight Youngblood's men on the bridge, and with the help of a bazooka, they're defeated.

Byron Running Deer tells all in a press conference, and Sir Arthur Youngblood, watching it on television, realizes that everything is over in more ways that one.

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  • Sir Arthur Youngblood
  • Oliver Queen / Green Arrow
  • O'Rourke
  • John Butcher
  • Vic Sage / The Question
  • Byron Running Deer


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