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The Brave and the Bold #4

[untitled] - Feb. 1992

The Cover of The Brave and the Bold #4 by Shea Anton Pensa
Script: Mike Grell and Mike Baron
Art: Shea Anton Pensa
Lettering: Steve Haynie
Colors: Julia Lacquement
Editor: Mike Gold
Cover: Mike Grell
Published by DC Comics

Sage and Butcher leap from the car, moments before it plunges from the side of the cliff. They catch a tree, and although bruised, manage to jump the truck at the next turn of the mountain.

Well, Butcher does, at least. Sage, barely missing, has to run down the side of the mountain another level to catch his turn. He lands on the hood, and as the driver is distracted, the truck smashes into the cliffside, killing its occupants. Sage and Butcher, who managed to jump off, are left without a ride.

Back at the Mohawk festival, Ollie traces a clue back to a florist shop, to track down the origin of the funeral wreath. The wreath was actually sent by Byron Running Deer's mother, as a scare tactic, but she tells Ollie that a white man ordered it.

Byron Running Deer, working with the Irishman, starts a revolution and leads a convoy of festival-goers to Youngblood's development.

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  • John Butcher
  • Vic Sage / The Question
  • Oliver Queen / Green Arrow
  • Chief Running Deer
  • Byron Running Deer
  • O'Rourke


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